If you are doing any offroad work at all with your 4WD, you need to upgrade your suspension.

By simply adding a bull bar and roof rack, it will affect how your 4WD handles, brakes and its overall performance. Adding a suspension lift kit will give you back that firm ride and stop that extra body roll the vehicle has, once you start adding all those accessories. Not only does a suspension kit help the drivability of your 4WD while offroad, it gives you that extra ground clearance that we all need while driving over obstacles.

Drivetech 4x4 Enduro & Big Bore Suspension systems have been out and about in Aussie 4WD’s for more than 4 years now. They have clocked up hundreds of thousands of kilometres in the outback doing everything from towing caravans to Ayres Rock, crossing the Simpson, going through the Jardine River in Cape York, or climbing Mt Sunday in the Victorian High Country. If you are looking for a Suspension kit that has done it all, Drivetech 4x4 Enduro suspension is the one.

All Drivetech 4x4 coils are made by King Springs in Australia. The 35mm Bore Nitro gas shocks provide excellent ride quality while providing sensational handling. All Suspension kits come with greasable shackles and pins and Urethane bushes. It really is a complete kit with everything you need to give your 4WD that extra lift it needs. Every Drivetech 4x4 kit now comes with a 3 year /80,000km warranty. If any company gives you that type of warranty you know you are getting the absolute best quality.

You can’t go past Drivetech 4x4 for all your suspension needs.

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